pity I didn’t made a pic of

this sunday ride!

Weather was good, for a change!
(honestly, I do miss the everyday sun in Sardinia!)

So there was no excuse for not going out this morning. And I waited too much, I’d say!

The red Supercorsa was riding like a dream. It’s amazing, I do feel like I’m the king on the road. It’s aplomb is unique between my other bikes, is just so different! I bet is due to the long-ish wheelbase, and the fairly short stem gives it a nippy ride. And the road feels so smooth, I could have ridden it for hours and hours πŸ˜€

And, oh! The Record 8 speed groupset works SO well that is such a pleasure to go on the down tube on the shifters, and the CLUNK is solid and flawless. And the chain makes that perfect little noise that seems to be riding a quiet Swiss clock….

Pure pleasure! πŸ™‚


About gattonero1974
You may know me as a Bike-addicted and Anime fanatic guy. Or for the love of Veg Sushi & Japanese food and art? Or maybe for the love of girls with Red hair and High heels? And I like red wine, Leffe and Gulden Draak beer. Sometimes, I like to go out, Clubbing 'til late, but I hate the journey back home....! :-

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