New Year, new timeline…..

Yup 🙂

Just a few words to mention that from 2013 I’ll update this blog on a weekly basis, or even more.
I’ve tons of stuff to talk about, in my workshop there’s no room to rest, nor one gets bored.
’nuff said!

Updates will happen mainly on this Blog (Monstamechanic), which will get a lot more attention than the mirror one on Blogger.
Reason is simple, I don’t find myself comfortable enough on the Blogger interface, furthermore the WordPress interface is the same used in the, where I do post a lot.
It is a lot easier for me to copy/paste in the same interface BDC-forum–>Wordpress; rather then write everything from scratch. The Txt/Html interface too, feels better in WordPress than the Blogger one..

So, keep an eye, there will be interesting stuff ! 🙂