Carbon rims, ok, but the bladder?

I do understand that in some ways, the carbon-fiber has to be moulded, and it seems that using a bladder makes life easy for manufacturing. Because I am no expert in composite materials, I won’t go in details about this.
However, I have to say that some “cleaning-up” should be done at the factory; especially in parts where the space to work around becomes a premium.

This rim gave me a bit of headache for about 1/2hr, removing the sunken nipples took a lot more than what expected.

See the nipples, there’s one with the leftovers of the bladder that’s still on. Look how it managed to wrap around while unscrewing the nipple. Note that this part is well inside the rim.
Yes, nothing that would become impossible, just some more time required.

Had to pull out some of this plastic, which when the matrix is cured, has obviously no part in the structure of the carbon fiber

Something is still there, but the holes are now clear enough to insert the nipples, in order to rebuild the wheel.

I will use a little grease outside the nipple, for protection against corrosion.
Best thing will be some Lithium-based grease (the manufacturer is called Nimrod) of which I have wast experience on long-term basis, and never found it to react or create problems with any composite material.
Being a radial-laced front wheel, I will add a little of Loctite222 on the spoke thread, just to “keep it there”. I quite like the 222, it doesn’t lock, but rather makes the small threads to stay in place without loosening. And when cured, the torque to break the compound, doesn’t require too much force, resulting in moderate twisting of the spoke.


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