Back again!

And what happened in the meantime?
Oh well, seems nothing, but there’s been a lot going on πŸ™‚

Let’s start with some sort of never-ending-tale like moving house can be.
Jeez, moving all my things and moving the fleet has been quite a task. It took several weeks to be complete.

Hell, had to make a custom solution to store all the sisters.
So far it worked well in this way

Not too bad πŸ™‚

Uh, and yes there’s a new star there. By far the best bike I’ve ever had. Dario (Pegoretti) has done a fantastic job sizing up, crafting and decorating this MxxxxxO frame.
It is simply superb, an incredible combination of stiffness and comfort. It doesn’t glide like the (red) Supercorsa, it simply jumps like a spark out of the fireplace.

I am very proud of it.

Constant 24mm diameter chainstays linked to a two-piece stainless-steel 7mm thick dropout. Can’t get beefier than this
(“Andrea, metteti a posto! Dario e Pero”)

Hello, sis. You’re not forgotten, we’re part of the same family with an obvious different soul and attitude πŸ™‚


About gattonero1974
You may know me as a Bike-addicted and Anime fanatic guy. Or for the love of Veg Sushi & Japanese food and art? Or maybe for the love of girls with Red hair and High heels? And I like red wine, Leffe and Gulden Draak beer. Sometimes, I like to go out, Clubbing 'til late, but I hate the journey back home....! :-

4 Responses to Back again!

  1. Hi! Nice to read about you and your bikes after so long time again! The “sampler” in your flat is well built but the bikes on it much better πŸ˜‰ I ‘ve got two road bikes and a “commuter”: how can you choose in the morning which you’ re going to use?! The Pegoretti… no comment! Bye..

    • Thanks, yes has been a long while. There’s so much to be uploaded, I’ve stuff for a couple of years of weekly updates πŸ™‚
      It is actually true, that in the morning I choose which bike to ride. Mostly, the choice is due to the weather, then what I’m going do to after work.
      Main thing, is the weather: if is raining and/or I’ve to pop by the shops or the Pub, I normally choose the Cinelli s/speed
      While if I’m doing a few laps around the park after work, then I choose either the Pegoretti or the Supercorsa.
      But I’m actually reassembling the Cinelli Proxima as a “winter bike”. Sometimes it is a good thing to have gears.

  2. Hook says:

    hi there! we can imagine you’d be busy riding out all the bike park during Christmas but don’t forget some beasts have to be feeded by a monsta.

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