My name is Andrea, I am a cycle mechanic currently (uh, for the last 8 years) working in London, UK.
I’ve signed into WP a while ago but never really used it… until now. Yes, from 2013 I feel like sharing a lot more about my work.

So, the reason why you’re here and read around, is if you want to see a few more things about bicycles, with the detail that a workshop only knows.
Leave a wise comment if you wish, interaction is nice; there’s always something new one wants to know about. It is my work, and has been my main interest for a lifetime.
So here I am, feel free to link pages and pictures as long as you aknowledge they come from this blog, from my everyday work.

Have a good ride!


One Response to About

  1. Paola says:

    Ciao! Mi chiamo Paola, ho 31 anni, vivo a Roma da 10 anni (sono sassarese) e da qualche anno sto cercando in tutti i modi di lavorare come ciclo meccanico, devo ammettere che ho ottenuto molti risultati ma niente di sicuro e stabile :(, qui è davvero difficile… Se possibile vorrei un tuo contatto mail per farti qualche domanda sulla possibilità lavorative in questo campo a Londra.

    Ti ringrazio e ti auguro un buonissimo anno nuovo!
    Paola Chiarolini

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