Ah, Italy…

Ah, Italy...

Xmas holidays, sometimes is great to escape that dull weather.
It’s a shame that the weather was a mixed bag. Good rides, tho 🙂

Giovanni, Andrea1, Antonio, Andrea2 :-) Antonello, Andrea2, Antonio  photo HPIM5380_zpsce7fa38a.jpg Giovanni, we're in Villasimius and the clouds are thick above us...

Thanks to Andrea and Antonio, plus Antonello and Giovanni to follow in 40 km under pouring rain!


Back again!

And what happened in the meantime?
Oh well, seems nothing, but there’s been a lot going on 🙂

Let’s start with some sort of never-ending-tale like moving house can be.
Jeez, moving all my things and moving the fleet has been quite a task. It took several weeks to be complete.

Hell, had to make a custom solution to store all the sisters.
So far it worked well in this way

Not too bad 🙂

Uh, and yes there’s a new star there. By far the best bike I’ve ever had. Dario (Pegoretti) has done a fantastic job sizing up, crafting and decorating this MxxxxxO frame.
It is simply superb, an incredible combination of stiffness and comfort. It doesn’t glide like the (red) Supercorsa, it simply jumps like a spark out of the fireplace.

I am very proud of it.

Constant 24mm diameter chainstays linked to a two-piece stainless-steel 7mm thick dropout. Can’t get beefier than this
(“Andrea, metteti a posto! Dario e Pero”)

Hello, sis. You’re not forgotten, we’re part of the same family with an obvious different soul and attitude 🙂

You gotta be kidding!

You gotta be kidding!

Shit the bed!

A women’s Supercorsa???


Hello world!

Another page, another wall of codes hidden behind the screen, all to make more pages, more people to know, more rants, more time on this 7-yrs-old laptop with a keyboard that’s going blank in more than one key….

Really, sure do you want to hear about me?

I may just paste what’s on MySpace, sounds pretty good even after a couple of years…. (duh, haven’t changed that much?? :\ )

” You may know me as a Veggie crazy bike-addicted and Anime fanatic.
Or for the love of Veg Sushi & Japanese food and art?
Or maybe for the love of girls with Red hair and High heels?
And I really like red wine, Leffe and Gulden Draak beer
And, sometimes, to dance easy stuff in Alkt Clubs (still my music taste can be quite selective!), ’cause, yeah, sometimes I like to go out, Clubbing ’til late, but I hate the journey back home….! :-\  “

And more ’bout….