Mind the scarf

Yep, it’s winter time and some folks better watch out their scarf/snood/whatever.
Some people seems able to collect an incredible amount of fluff or strands within their rear hub.


What do you say, there’s drag, is hard to freewheel?
Let’s start by removing some of this, uh? 😉



Yeah, that’ll do!


Amuse me….

Sometimes I do get pretty amusing stuff down here.
It could be very nice, as those classic bikes…

Cinelli_Laser1 Cinelli_Laser4 Cinelli_Laser5
Cinelli_Laser2 Cinelli_Laser3

or this

E_Mercx_titane1 E_Mercx_titane4
E_Mercx_titane5 E_Mercx_titane9 E_Mercx_titane11


Or a rather unusual repair and request to replace/modify some stuff….

IMG_0777 IMG_0778
(I’m afraid, for safety reasons we REALLY have to remove the plastic bag around the pedals!)


But surely, it all goes up to a certain extend! 🙂

Random madness that passed by here

“my hubgear is not working….”
(yes man, you thrashed it)

funny stuff2 funny stuff1

“why this crank broke??”
(erm…. a little bit of rubbing from your shoe??)

funny stuff3

My bottom bracket is making funny noises….!
(How about the frame??)

funny stuff4


“my bottom bracket is making noises….” (2)

funny stuff9


“Do I really need to keep my bike clean??”
(Yes, alluminium too doesn’t like much salt/grit on the roads)

funny stuff5


It does exist!
Shimano UN72 bottom bracket inFRENCH thread 35×1

funny stuff6


This looks like air bubbles withing the rubber mould. See what happened when the tyre has been inflated

funny stuff7 funny stuff8

“my Di2 doesn’t work….”
(let’s talk about how to avoid the build-up of crap around?)

funny stuff10

Down-tube cable stops. An emergency repair

Clever guy.
Home-made frame respray, you can live with. But make sure that barrel going across the down-tube will stay in place!

This gentlemen removed it, so there was no way to stop the cables on the frame… what to do, what to do?
We never have too much time to waste. Had to take advantage of the curve on the tubing, while keeping tight the cable-stops blocks with the frame (copying its tubing profile), this would make them steady enough.
All we need then, is a sleeve threaded on both sides, and long enough to reach the two sides of the down tube.

“detto e fatto” (spoken and readily done, in Italian)

Preparing the sleeve, two M6 threads are cut in this alluminium sleeve

How the frame looked like: a big hole with nothing that could hold the cables!

The sleeve is then Loctite’d to one side with the cable-stop block, dome-head M6 bolts are used (the hole in the cable-stop had to be drilled to a bigger diameter of 6.5mm)

Just flush with the frame!

Doesn’t look that bad.
downtubecablestpos9 downtubecablestpos8

And it works! I was able to stretch the cables with a very small amount of rotation of the cable-stops blocks onto the tubing.
Needs to be said that an old-ish fromt mech was used, which tipically featured a return spring that is weaker if compared to modern units. If that was the case, a modern front mech or one with a strong return spring, I would have certainly used alloy cable-stops, like the good Campagnolo or Shimano Dura-Ace: being metal ones, they would hold better on the profile of the tubing.

Note that this repair is fully reversible, whenever we’re given the original barrel to bond where the hole was!