Oldies goldies, again

We’re lucky to get some amusing stuff here, every now and then something good shows up.
Not trying to be nostalgic, but those pieces do have personality, unlike the vast majority of today’s productions.
Really, today the market is saturated, full with copies of copies. And too much fragmentation.

Well, forget about that, enjoy this 🙂




And the finesse of rifled bb cups



Amuse me….

Sometimes I do get pretty amusing stuff down here.
It could be very nice, as those classic bikes…

Cinelli_Laser1 Cinelli_Laser4 Cinelli_Laser5
Cinelli_Laser2 Cinelli_Laser3

or this

E_Mercx_titane1 E_Mercx_titane4
E_Mercx_titane5 E_Mercx_titane9 E_Mercx_titane11


Or a rather unusual repair and request to replace/modify some stuff….

IMG_0777 IMG_0778
(I’m afraid, for safety reasons we REALLY have to remove the plastic bag around the pedals!)


But surely, it all goes up to a certain extend! 🙂